About FJH

Faye is a bilingual British/French Voice Over actress with over 10 years of experience. Born in Warwickshire, UK, she was brought up in Paris by British parents and educated in a bilingual school from 4-18 years old. After 3 years at University in Kent, UK, studying communication, then followed a series of media jobs first in Paris, and then in Boston, USA, for 3 years.

Returning to Europe, first to live in London, she then moved to Barcelona in 2001, where she is now based and enjoys an active career as a professional voice actress. Up until 2007, Faye worked on a number of voice over projects in Barcelona for television programs in both French and English. She also gained experience in lip-sync dubbing for TV movies in both languages. Having decided to explore the voiceover industry further, she increased her range to various other studios in Barcelona, where her experience extended to films, animation, documentaries, corporate videos, audio guides, e-learning courses, as well as TV and radio commercials, in both French and English. Faye also began to specialise in characterisation, and children’s voices.

In 2009, she set up her own home recording studio and quickly established a solid network of regular clients, which happily keeps on growing.